Sustainability Report 5.0

While we cannot predict the future precisely, we can anticipate and plan for it. We are looking ahead on behalf of our investors, tenants, clients and partners to anticipate the changes affecting our environment and our economy, the health of our cities and our organization, and the design and management of our properties around the world in order to be able to adapt and grow in the face of the unforeseen. This is the definition of “resilience” — developing strategies and methodologies to increase our relevance and longevity as we navigate the changes ahead.

Discerning Big Data

The growing proliferation of data in all aspects of real estate is transforming our ability to analyze both individual transactions and broader strategies. This includes property sales, industry concentrations within particular geographies, locational attributes, user behaviors and preferences, and other information at the property level.

Hines Research seeks to apply these new data sources to proprietary models that help to identify investments, reduce risk and enhance returns. The Business Technology Group complements Hines Research in order for Hines to attain “best investor” status through the application of new systems, analytical tools and business processes that support our investment management activities.

Managing Risk with Resilience

We can achieve our vision of being the best investor in the world by managing our risks, and being in a position to quickly adapt to changing global economic and geopolitical trends across the 20 countries in which Hines has a presence. The firm has created sustainability, resilience and responsible investment considerations implemented on a project-by-project basis in line with ownership objectives. When we couple this with our local market knowledge and research, we help deliver value to our stakeholders and superior returns for our investors, clients and partners.

Building for the Future

Buildings must respond to the requirements of a changing workforce, evolving cities and emerging technology. Growing awareness of wellness and productivity is a significant theme for many of our tenants. The Hines 2025 Working Group established a framework to consider how these trends could shape the design and development of buildings a decade from now. The end result was a continuation of our tradition at Hines of developing state-of-the-art workplaces for tenants and providing long-term value for our clients and partners.

Anticipating Tenant Needs

Technology is impacting how our tenants do business and communicate, encouraging interaction and creating flexibility around where and when people work. Hines collaborates with each tenant in the properties we own and manage to provide efficient, flexible and amenitized workplaces. Our engineering teams keep their focus on maximizing building performance and maintaining the comfort of occupants. As a result, in the 2015 Tenant Satisfaction Survey, we exceeded industry benchmarks for tenant satisfaction with our property management and engineering teams. Anticipating what’s next for our tenants and delivering the superior level of service and experience they expect is integral to our values.

Fostering an Inclusive Culture

Employees are the company’s most valuable asset, and we are committed to attracting and retaining exceptional and diverse talent. The firm’s recruiters engage with best-in-class talent through recruiting, social media and networking. We are dedicated to the continual improvement of our employees through wellness, feedback, education and career development. MyCommunity provides a platform for Hines employees to engage with the communities in which we work and live, and Vitality motivates healthier lifestyles. The firm is also committed to enriching and supporting our communities through diverse philanthropic initiatives.