CEO letter

Achieving our vision of being the best real estate investor, partner, and manager in the world requires a focus on delivering long-term value for the planet and for the people we reach through our business, from our employees to our investors, clients, tenants, and local communities.

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Our company has been successful for more than 60 years because we are dedicated to building a sustainable future: creating a built environment that uses fewer resources, produces less waste, and ensures healthy places for people to live and work. As an innovative, vertically integrated real estate management company, we take every opportunity to embed this approach into all of our work.

The real estate industry today is dynamic. Technological advancements are changing the way we live and work, emerging industries are redefining markets, shifting demographics are creating new needs in communities, and planetary pressures are disrupting business. To remain the partner of choice for our investors, clients, and tenants, we must be both nimble and focused, empowering our local teams to respond to local needs while operating as One Hines, with an unparalleled dedication to quality, service, innovation, and sustainable value.

In 2018, we embarked on a major transformation that will allow Hines to continue our leadership in this dynamic environment. We began with our investment business, where we implemented a robust new management structure and ambitious goals designed to propel Hines forward. We also doubled down on our ongoing strategies that will position Hines for continued success, including programs that advance the leadership and diversity of our people and platforms and partnerships that place Hines at the cutting edge of developments in real estate technology.

Today, sustainable value encompasses more than environmental sustainability. It’s about people. We aim to be the best partner by creating long-term value for everyone we reach. When Dad started this company in 1957, he firmly believed that Hines had a responsibility to the public for the future. I am proud that our company has continued Dad’s legacy of building for the future—creating sustainable value today that fulfills the promise of tomorrow.

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Jeffrey C. Hines
Chief Executive Officer