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From Milan to Mexico City, Beijing to Boston, more than 3,750 Hines employees come together in the 189 cities around the world in which we have a presence. No matter where you encounter a Hines employee, you will find a sense of pride, commitment and excellence that translates across our many cultures. People truly are the firm’s greatest asset.
Torre del Angel, Mexico City
Piazza Cordusio, Milan
Torre del Angel, Mexico City
Piazza Cordusio, Milan
What We Said:
Hines is developing a women’s network to address professional development and career advancement. This initiative aims to increase the amount of resources supporting women’s development and their advancement across the firm and to maintain a diverse and inclusive workplace environment and culture by leveraging and enhancing Hines’ entrepreneurial spirit.
What We Did:
Announced the creation of the OneHines Women’s Network to support and enhance the experience for women at Hines and optimize the gender balance across the firm.
What’s Next?
Hines will hire a senior manager to further develop, implement and manage the firm’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. The OneHines Women’s Network will launch a Local Ambassador program to serve as the local point of contact in supporting the Network’s initiatives within each city.

People & Communities

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3,750 total number of employees
613 total number of new employees in 2016
7.27 average tenure of employees (years)
975 volunteer hours in 2016
4,506 total volunteer hours since 2011
173 total participants in myCommunity in 2016
777 total participants in myCommunity since 2011
Hines Employees by Gender6
Hines Employees by Location

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Employee Tenure

Hines is an entrepreneurial organization with an excellent record of attracting, motivating and rewarding its employees, resulting in remarkable personnel stability. The 13 most senior leaders at Hines have an average tenure of 34 years; 78 senior vice presidents and senior managing directors have an average tenure of 22 years; and 209 vice presidents and managing directors have an average tenure of 15 years. Overall employee tenure is 7.27 years.

Local Hiring

As Hines has expanded internationally, local hiring has been paramount to furthering its success; of more than 1,100 international employees, fewer than one percent are expatriates. In new markets, seasoned Hines leaders identify and train local talent, embedding the essence of Hines’ values and processes, then entrust these new leaders to manage the business locally.

Equal Employment Opportunity

It is Hines’ policy to ensure equal employment opportunity to everyone. Hines does not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age or sexual orientation, or any other status protected by state or federal laws. Hines also does not discriminate in employment against qualified individuals with disabilities.

Workplace Harassment Prevention

Hines’ policy prohibits workplace harassment of any sort. Hines is committed to maintaining a work environment free of inappropriate and disrespectful behavior that might interfere with an employee’s work performance or the professional environment at Hines.

Whistleblower Policy

Employees are encouraged to contact EthicsPoint, a third-party vendor, to report matters such as questionable accounting, falsification of company records, fraud, privacy issues, theft or any other unethical behavior. Reporting individuals remain anonymous and reports submitted via EthicsPoint are confidential.

Non-Retaliation Policy
This program is intended to enable employees to raise serious concerns within the company. Therefore, no employee will be terminated or otherwise retaliated against for submitting a complaint if the employee acts lawfully and believes that the complaint involves a violation of applicable law or company policy.

Employee Evaluations

Most employee evaluations and compensation reviews occur annually. Employees typically receive a written evaluation that indicates the employee’s performance during the preceding calendar year.

Employee Surveys

Hines commissions a third party to conduct periodic employee surveys. Results are benchmarked to the most recent previous survey and to the survey provider’s normative database of global research. Survey results guide managers at all levels in improving work environments and expectations for members of their teams as well as helping to increase the tenure of employees.


Hines has a presence in 20 different countries and benefits may differ from region to region dependent in part by local laws and customs.


Hines offers eligible U.S. employees and their spouses or domestic partners the opportunity to engage with Vitality, a wellness platform that provides tools, motivation and a personalized approach to achieve better health. Vitality plays a major role in Hines’ wellness program. Each year, Vitality participants are encouraged to complete a health questionnaire (Vitality Health Review) and biometric screening (Vitality Check) in order to identify areas of concern before they become serious. In 2016, the myWellness program continued to increase participation at Hines through:

  • Engaging 38 Vitality Champs in 18 cities across the U.S. to help promote a culture of wellness
  • Offering educational opportunities related to physical, emotional, and financial wellness
  • Continuing to offer challenges to foster regional, team and individual competition
  • Expanding participation incentives to include spouses and domestic partners

2016 Vitality Program Results

1,490 participants completed
a Vitality Health Review
906 participants completed
a Vitality Check
Tobacco Cessation Program

U.S. employees and their covered dependents are eligible to receive tobacco cessation benefits offered through their medical health carrier. Members enrolled in one of the Hines Medical Plans are eligible for prescribed tobacco cessation medications.

WageWorks Commuter Benefit

This benefit gives U.S. employees the option of purchasing transit passes and pre-paid parking with pre-tax dollars by payroll deduction.

Learning and Career Development

Hines develops training based on specific job functions, management level and personal development to educate employees about Hines best practices, processes and policies, as well as our unique and valued culture. In 2016, Hines Learning and Development supported 270 sessions (218 traditional classroom/52 virtual classroom with a combined total of 5,442 participants). They were also proud to host the Management Orientation Program, a conference attended by 199 employees representing 13 countries.

Training programs include:

  • Property Management Training
  • Engineering Training
  • Accountant Required Training
  • Real Estate Education
  • Management/Leadership Development
  • Strengths Discovery

2016 Training Highlights

271 courses conducted
5,442 course attendees

A few specific programs include:

Hines has an Utility Management course. The learning objectives of the course require operating professionals of all levels to demonstrate understanding and ability in seven areas of core competency: 1) energy fundamentals; 2) analyzing utility bills and rate structures; 3) measuring energy consumption; 4) managing building operations; 5) conserving energy; 6) developing an energy management plan; and 7) taking advantage of energy-efficient technology and initiatives.


myLearning, launched in 2015, provides an online portal for employees around the globe to access Hines training resources. Within myLearning, employees and their managers experience a streamlined process for scheduling, completing and reporting on training requirements and initiatives. Also, over 800 micro-learning classes, addressing a variety of topics, are available within the platform. As noted in our current numbers, training opportunities have expanded as myLearning has facilitated ongoing professional development across the company.

Education Reimbursement Program

Employees may be reimbursed up to a maximum of $4,000 for expenses incurred in a calendar year for job-related courses and non-job-related courses that apply toward a degree. In 2016, approximately 75 employees participated with a total reimbursement of $170,004.07 in tuition, class fees and books.


Hines invests in tomorrow’s leaders in the built environment. The primary educational institutions and programs Hines currently supports include:

  • Endowment of the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture at the University of Houston, which offers professional, post-professional and secondary professional degree programs in architectural, interior, space and industrial design

The Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture at the University of Houston offers professional, post-professional and secondary professional degree programs in architectural, interior, space and industrial design.

  • Ongoing sponsorship of the annual ULI/Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition, which challenges multidisciplinary student teams to devise a comprehensive development program for a real, large-scale site
  • Funding for the establishment of the Gerald D. Hines Visiting Fellowship in Development at the School of Real Estate and Planning, Henley Business School, University of Reading in London
  • Funding to KIPP, an alternative primary and secondary school program for underserved students in Houston
  • Establishment and endowment of the Gerald D. Hines Professor of Real Estate Finance at Rice University
myCommunity Program

This internal, voluntary program provides Hines employees an opportunity to give back to their communities through a variety of philanthropic activities. Each employee may spend one day per year without loss of pay or vacation time while performing volunteer work for a charity of their choice. In 2016, 173 people participated in this program with a total of 975 volunteer hours.

Community Engagement Highlights

Hines recognizes the importance of supporting our community and encourages employees to give back through a variety of philanthropic activities.

Canada Habitat for Humanity

Hines Canada employees volunteered for the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Toronto Area’s Adopt-A-Day program. This program is an employee engagement experience with a 28-year history of building stronger teams, while providing employees with a unique way to give back to their community.

Peninsula Team Gives Community Day of Service

A 51-member Hines team in California’s Bay Area organized two projects for a community service day. In the morning, volunteers prepared lunch for 700 of the city’s underprivileged at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in Menlo Park. A second team spent the afternoon clearing a new trail at Rancho Corral de Tierra, a 4,000-acre National Recreation Area on the peninsula near Half Moon Bay.

Hines Volunteers at the Oklahoma Food Bank

The Hines-Devon Energy Center team, along with their family members, volunteered at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. The group packaged over 200 boxes of frozen corn, weighing approximately 5,940 lbs., which is the equivalent of 4,950 meals.

Houston Properties Hold Backpack Drive

The Hines team at One Shell Plaza and 811 Louisiana partnered with tenants in the building to donate over 65 filled backpacks to the local YMCA. Hines purchased backpacks as a charitable donation and distributed them to our major tenants, including Shell Oil and Baker Botts, who were given two weeks to fill them with recommended school supplies and return them ready for donation.