Research & Forecasting

Technology is changing every aspect of the real estate industry, and Hines is processing and integrating research and innovation with an eye to value for our investors, clients and partners. We are testing and integrating state-of-the-art tools and products into our buildings, operations and business practices. We are forecasting local market real estate needs in anticipation of growth, and are partnering with startups and venture capital firms to utilize data and remain a leader in the next wave of innovation and sustainability.
CityCenterDC, Washington, DC
Fuse Cambridge
T3, Minneapolis
CityCenterDC, Washington, DC
Fuse Cambridge
T3, Minneapolis
What’s Next?
Continue to expand the number of properties using VTS for lease administration. Explore additional software platforms that may support construction procurement, lease abstracting and financial analysis.

Research & Forecasting

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421 markets tracked by Hines Proprietary Research
120% increase in properties using VTS during 2016
Hines Proprietary Research

From real estate prices to walkability scores, from a city’s economic drivers to rent growth, and from construction activity to tenant behaviors, Hines Proprietary Research applies data to create proprietary models that inform investment decisions, reduce risk and enhance returns. Using historical data from global sources, including CoStar, PMA, IPD and Moody’s Analytics, among others, Hines Proprietary Research identifies drivers of performance for the firm’s investments.

In addition to publishing forecasts for hundreds of global markets to inform Hines’ regional teams, Hines Proprietary Research identifies strategic geographic targets, alternative strategies, such as medical office and student housing, and visual tools using geographic information system and interactive charts to identify trends.

Business Technology Group

The Business Technology Group (BTG) works to create a common framework on which to build a robust investment and property management platform. It is a conduit for the consideration of all new systems, analytical tools, and business processes for the firm’s investment management and property management activities.

In order to identify business needs where technology may be applied, the BTG partners with Hines IT, Corporate Operations & Engineering Services, Office of Investments and local market leaders. A significant focus of the BTG is to streamline the capture and movement of data to enhance internal processes and eliminate redundancy.

Several successful partnerships emerged during 2016. For example, VTS provides a cloud-based platform for lease management, and it has been integrated with other IT platforms to minimize redundant data entry, streamline lease calculations, and provide ongoing and standardized reporting to each building’s stakeholders. Another system, RealPage, gathers data from disparate third-party firms that manage our multifamily properties, eliminating redundant data entry. The software provides real-time capabilities to quickly analyze market trends and property performance through robust dashboards.

The BTG continues to explore other business processes and evaluate technology opportunities. In order to support investment management, the group is evaluating platforms that address the lifecycle of the asset, as well as investment management systems that integrate various functions such as financial modeling and investor relations. At the property level, the BTG is currently piloting a platform that simplifies project cost tracking and procurement for capital projects, which could leverage the scale of Hines’ portfolio and reduce administrative time by property personnel. They are also exploring lease-abstracting service providers that utilize artificial intelligence to save time and cost during due diligence.

In addition to partnering with various departments, the BTG also works with the firm’s IT Steering Committee to conceptualize, research and implement strategic solutions to further the Hines mission.