Sustainable Development

The breadth of Hines’ expertise, experience, ingenuity and collaboration allows us to deliver some of the world’s most innovative and recognized buildings. Embedded in every project we undertake are Hines’ standards for performance and quality that last for generations, create value for our investors, partners, clients and tenants, and enhance the built environment.
ZOOM, Berlin
1213 Walnut, Philadelphia
Tour Carpe Diem, Paris
Parque Industrial Tecnológico IV, Guadalajara, Mexico
139 East 56th Street, New York
ZOOM, Berlin
1213 Walnut, Philadelphia
Tour Carpe Diem, Paris
Parque Industrial Tecnológico IV, Guadalajara, Mexico
139 East 56th Street, New York
What We Said:
Hines will continue testing glass technology and investigate opportunities to test windows with photovoltaic arrays in the glass units.
What We Did:
Continued testing electrochromic glass by installing systems in several properties to gauge the impact on tenants and building performance. Collaborated with multiple firms to further test building-integrated photovoltaic glass.
What’s Next?
Hines will continue testing electrochromic and building-integrated photovoltaic glass, and explore design features and certifications that focus on occupant health and wellness.

Sustainable Development

  • Building for Wellness
  • Hines Conceptual Construction
  • Green Rated Buildings
  • Green Building Certifications
  • New Sustainability Certifications in 2016
  • The Parks at Walter Reed
  • 33 Tehama
44.8M square feet in design or under development
345 number of green certified buildings in 2016
98 total number
of Hines LEED®
Hines Conceptual Construction

Hines’ new development and recommissioned projects are able to achieve exceptional efficiency due in large part to the depth of knowledge and 334 years of collective experience of the Conceptual Construction group, spanning nearly six decades. Composed of 11 team members based in Houston, this group supports development teams across all regions as they coordinate and direct all aspects of the design process, as well as contractor and subcontractor bidding and negotiations.

Areas of expertise, research and innovation include new construction systems design as well as constructability, testing, commissioning and operational efficiency. Many manufacturers work with Hines to evaluate and test new prototypes, and Hines often provides operating feedback on equipment to the manufacturers. The Conceptual Construction group partners with the world’s finest architects, engineers and designers to provide the highest level of sustainable design, and has joined with academic collaborators in forward-looking research and in educating the next generation.

Green-Rated Buildings

Hines actively pursues green building standards and certifications that are appropriate for the project type and consistent with investor interests. Prominent international rating systems include: LEED®, U.S.; ENERGY STAR®, U.S.; BREEAM, UK; HQE, France; DGNB, Germany; among others.

Green Building Certifications

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New Sustainability Certifications in 2016


  1. Detroit Public Safety Headquarters,
    Detroit, MI

LEED Platinum

  1. 1180 Peachtree, Atlanta, GA
  2. Fourth & Madison, Seattle, WA
  3. 1515 Wynkoop, Denver, CO


  1. Via Tornabuoni, Florence, Italy
  2. 124–125 Princes Street, Edinburgh,
    United Kingdom
  3. Atlas House, London, United Kingdom
  4. 15 Suffolk Street, London, United Kingdom


  1. Bliersheimer Strasse,
    Duisburg, Germany
  2. Simon Hegele Logistics Portfolio,
    Forchheim, Germany
  3. Metropolitan, Dusseldorf, Germany
  4. Siemens Forum/OSKAR,
    Munich, Germany
  5. Rittigfeld, Forchheim, Germany
  6. Domkaskaden, Hamburg, Germany